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Here at Rods Away©, we believe in the importance of getting your blockage cleared as quickly as possible.
With all or prices set at fixed fees you will be made aware of the cost before we call out to you. The last thing anyone wants, is the smell of sewerage over their garden or even coming up into their house.
Many people ask the question, "Why is my drain Blocked?" Blockages can be caused by the build-up of fats, oils, grease or soaps, dirt, silt, leaves or foreign objects, roots, corrosion or subsidence. And whatever the cause, the consequences can be serious: bad smells, a collapsed sewer pipe or a toilet overflowing. The solution to the problem often involves removing the blockage/obstruction, drain cleaning or even repairing a structural defect. we here at Rods Away©, are here to help.

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Rods Away© provide emergency drain unblocking services 24/7 and domestic plumbing services.

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Rods Away: Your local Emergency plumber in Wales 24/7

Common Plumbing Emergencies in south wales 


Burst Pipe Repairs

One of the more obvious, and arguably damaging, plumbing emergencies is a burst pipe on your property. These can flood entire rooms and even cause ceilings to fall through from water damage. If a pipe does burst on your property, shut the water off to your property with the stopcock, and then immediately give us a call!

Blocked Pipes

Besides the actual plumbed fittings in your home, the pipes that lead away from them can also become blocked, leading to leaks or overflows, whether in your outside drains or inside the sink basins. A variety of instances can cause blockages, from root ingrowth to items being poured down the sink that congeal in your pipes over time (such as cooking fat).It is important to keep monitoring how well your drains are performing to avoid major blockages in the future.

Overflowing Toilet Help

With severe blockages to your toilet, there is a chance that it can overflow and flood your bathroom floor. Serious blockages can cause this and will likely need to be investigated and dislodged by a highly skilled plumber. This can also be caused by a malfunction to the float mechanism or another issue that may need to be investigated.


Leaking Washing Machine Fixes

It is likely that the washing machine in your home gets a lot of use throughout the week. It is therefore not uncommon for faults with the plumbed appliance to occur. Often the weakest part of the washing machine is the pipe linking it to the water supply, and this can crack or bulge over time, causing mould, rust or even burst pipes.

Hot Water Not Working

Having a steady flow of hot water at the turn of a tap is a baseline requirement of any property in the 21st century. A number of different problems can cause the hot water to stop working, including issues with your boiler, water heater, leaks in the system or even issues that would be down to your water company.

What To Expect From Rods Away In A Plumbing Emergency

When you book Rods Away for a plumbing emergency you can expect:

Quick Responses

Being locally based near Wales, we can get to your property quicker than most nationwide companies that often sub out their work to other traders (usually at a higher price). Call us up and we can see to your plumbing emergency in Wales when you need us!

No Hidden Fees Or Call Out Charges

We are competitively priced compared to a lot of companies operating within Wales. As a small local company, we pride ourselves on our personal touch, and high customer satisfaction. We care about your plumbing emergency as though it’s our own!

Trusted, Reliable & Respectable

We pride ourselves on these three elements. You can trust us to fix your plumbing emergency. But don’t just take our word for it. We have amassed many reviews from both homeowners and businesses alike, throughout South Wales!

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