Slow Drains?

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A slow or clogged drain can be a serious problem. Most drain issues can be tracked to an obstruction in the line. This can happen anywhere in the system and can lead to odor problems or even in severe cases water damage. The first step in troubleshooting a slow drain is to determine the location. Sometimes its pretty obvious due to other drains working well or even a water damage situation. If all your drains are slow, then you can assume that the blockage is outside your home.

One of the biggest causes of problems outside your home are tree roots.
Tree roots are like heat seeking missiles looking for moisture. They’ll find those cracked pipes and start to infiltrate. They can eventually collapse the pipe or fill it so thick that very little water can get through.

Now you need a professional to accurately determine and correct the issue.
They will examine the clog usually with a camera system and determine the cause. In the past, the next step might be a trenching machine to uncover the sewer drain so that it could be repaired. Now thanks to technology, we’ve got a new option – “Trenchless Technology”. This system commonly called “CPP” or cure in place pipe, allows the professional to create a leakproof pipe right through the current pipe. No more tearing up your new yard and expensive landscaping!